Orc Road Trip

Tom Matherson is a citizen of the great United States of America, a cultural mosaic where all are equal, but some, like elves, are more equal than others, and others, like orcs, aren’t equal at all.

When Tom planned a road trip with his girlfriend, he didn’t intend to help a lonely dwarf with her quest for Mr. Right, and he certainly didn’t intend to chauffeur an orc, thwart terrorist plots, or make any attempts to save the President. But sometimes in life you have to roll with the punches, especially when the one throwing them is three hundred pounds of green muscle.

Check out the concept art here! The artwork was done by Annika Maar. You can check out her website here!

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In the Works

I'm currently working on "Stories Not from the Bible", a collection of fictional short stories that will expand on incidents that are only briefly mentioned in the Bible. How, exactly, did the boy David manage to beat a lion to death with a stick? What did the man hanging on the cross next to Jesus do to get there, and what convinced him to defend Jesus instead of hurling insults at him like everyone else? These stories and more will be included in "Stories Not from the Bible".

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